Adrasan – Is This The Most Beautiful Place On Earth?

Dive into the turquoise waters at Adrasan’s Turkish Maldives!

If you’re looking for an unforgettable vacation spot, look no further than Adrasan. This small town in Turkey is often called the most beautiful place on Earth, and it’s easy to see why. With its dramatic cliffs and stunningly clear turquoise waters, Adrasan is a paradise for nature lovers. There are plenty of activities to keep you busy here, from swimming and windsurfing to hiking and biking. And when you’re not out exploring the natural wonders of Adrasan, be sure to relax on the beach and take in the incredible views.

On the way to the third Island in Adrasan

Adrasan welcomed me with open arms
The sun was shining and the sea was blue
I felt so happy as I wandered around
embraced by the beauty of this town

A few friends and I rented a villa by the sea
We spent our days swimming and lying in the sand
The locals were so friendly and we felt so free
Living life in the moment, it was perfect, just what we needed!

The boat trip at the Turkish Maldives in Adrasan
Adrasan basics

The town of Adrasan is located in southwestern Turkey, on the Mediterranean Sea. It is a small town with a population of just over 1,000 people. The town is known for its stunningly beautiful beaches, which are some of the most pristine in all of Turkey. Adrasan is also home to a number of small businesses and restaurants, as well as a few Bed and Breakfasts. The town is popular among Turkish tourists, but remains relatively undiscovered by foreigners. The three main festivals in Adrasan are the “Adrasan Festival” which is held in March and is a cultural festival, “Günaydın” (“Good Morning”) which is held in April, and “Zazalar” which is held in October.

Boats moving around Adrasan
Adrasan’s quick history

The Adrasan area has been inhabited since Neolithic times. The first inhabitants of the area were the Hittites, who arrived in the 13th century BC. The area was then ruled by the Phrygians, followed by the Lydians and the Persians. In 333 BC, Alexander the Great captured the area. After his death, it became part of the Seleucid Empire. In 190 BC, it was captured by the Romans. The area then passed to the Byzantine Empire in 395 AD and then to the Arabs in 640 AD. It became part of the Ottoman Empire in 1516 AD.

Adrasan’s famous snorkeling beach
Adrasan is known for its relaxed atmosphere and stunningly beautiful scenery.

The town of Adrasan, located in the province of Antalya, Turkey is a hidden gem. It is known for its relaxed atmosphere and stunningly beautiful scenery. The crystal-clear Mediterranean Sea laps at the shoreline, providing excellent swimming and snorkeling opportunities. The mountainous backdrop provides a dramatic backdrop to the town’s whitewashed houses and narrow streets.

Sandy beach in Adrasan
How to get there

if you have followed my blog before, you would know it by now that we are travelling with a larger group of people. We usually travel out of Matreshka park as a starting point. The Adrasan trip was no different to PhalesisOlympusTermessos, or Side where we jumped on a bus with the familiar faces. The biggest benefit of being part of the group is to have fun with same or new friends. It is also beneficial not to care whether you are tired or not for when it comes to driving. It took us just over 2 hours, where in the car you can probably get it in there faster as its only 77 km away from the Matreshka park.

Adrasan Cave
The costs

The average cost for a transfer will be around $10 per person. There are a lot of commercial services that are available across Turkey and outside of the country that ranges in price ranges. The most common one that I have seen is the reference to $50 per person which includes the boat, the transfer and the lunch. For us however we have an existing group that we travel with on a budget. For the same amount of service we have travelled for $25 per person. Which means that if you are looking to travel to Adrasan from Antalya then do your home work and research to find out what works for your budget.

One of the stops in Adrasan

Lastly, in terms of the time, put aside either a day or two if you want to do it an overnight trip. There are plenty of opportunities to get yourself a place to stay overnight but be aware that the prices mentioned above are only for the points of the trip without accommodation.

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