Are we the artificial zombies?

What are the new mental deformities?

Statistically on average a person in 2021 gets more information in 1 day than what an average person used to get in their whole life in the 19th century. But at the same time we are what we feed our brains.

Does our current society gets an artificial mental infection? This is what we are discussing today.

Anything from the way it is presented by the informational ads, music channels, fashion, news – you name it, everything relates today as an impact on people’s psychology. We have a complete washed out definition of what is the morality, and moral commonalities as it is distorted by those that want to sell the product vs those that are thinking that it is an acceptable new way of living.

There is an artificial mental infection, especially of the younger generation, and even children. Sometimes this is called “sexual education”, sometimes something else is offered, while all sorts of nasty things, poisonous for a young person’s morality, for their young brains – psyche are presented in very beautiful “humanistic tricks.”

What is now promoted as an acceptable new social norm for the young is sloppiness — dirty greasy hair, torn stockings, torn jeans, the hem of a coat or shirt of different lengths, or buttoned up with the wrong buttons. In psychiatric hospitals they know that there is such a column in the medical history: the neatness of the patient. If the patient is not neat, this is an indicator of a very severe psychiatric disorder. When a person constantly wears torn socks or stockings, does not wash his hair or button his shirt incorrectly, this is a psychiatric symptom, which today, unfortunately, exists as a sign of youth fashion.

Let’s have a look at the idols of the youth, the heroes of many action films and thrillers – these are super-strong people who solve their problems, destroying and destroying all living and non-living things in their path. This effect in psychiatry is called hypoid schizophrenia, which combines pathological juvenile cruelty with pathological dullness of the heart, that is, pathological insensibility.

Another quality of a person is excessive rationalism, which today is imposed as pragmatism. This is also a sign of schizophrenia. The layman often thinks that the schizophrenic is irrational. This is not true. The schizophrenic is overly rational, but at the same time insensitive. Actually, this – “less emotion, more pragmatism” – is what the ideologies of the new fashion urge young people today, but this is a very difficult symptom.

And what is the destruction of intimate shame from the point of view of psychiatry? This is not just the imposition of all sorts of perversions, such as voyeurism (when the TV shows what is happening in other people’s bedrooms), but also the popularization of sexopathological deviations. And sexopathology is part of psychopathology.

But the most important thing in the destruction of intimate shame is that by telling young people about safe sex, they are encouraged to satisfy their sexual interest, belittling the value of family and marriage relations, which are an essential element in building a normal psyche. In their absence, various disorders are inevitable, very painful for the psyche. This leads, in particular, to the mental degradation of the entire society.

Also the psychological impact on the youth comes from having an unlimited access to porn in all sort of forms, this creates unfortunate and unrealistic expectations from their partners as the artificial films would provide a certain expectation which leads to the disappointments in the bed while creating either the aggressiveness of the behaviour or close off the relationships completely as another confirmation of the degradation of the society.

So, How do we see the world today? We would need to encourage our youth to be exposed more to the books, friends, discussions and less exposure to the questionable videos, informational garbage and only then we would have a minimalistic expectation hope for future benefits of the society.

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