Fascinating Cappadocia Cave Jackpot: Captivating World

Here we will look at the Cappadocia cave hotel and other activities that are done at the Cappadocia caves.

Discovering Cappadocia cave hotels is a unique way to experience this beautiful region. These hotels are located inside of natural caves and offer spectacular views of the surrounding landscape. Each cave hotel offers different types of accommodation, from traditional rooms to suites with private bathrooms and hot tubs. The caves themselves are an amazing place to walk, explore, and relax, and the hotels provide the perfect opportunity to enjoy all that Cappadocia has to offer.

Cappadocia cave hotel – what a family room looks like
Not all Cappadocia cave hotels are the same

In the previous article we have discussed on the main pain points of when not to travel to Cappadocia. Here we will look at the Cappadocia cave(s) and the Cappadocia Cave hotel. One of the recent discoveries that we have just found out about is that if you book a room in a Museum Hotel in Cappadocia Cave you will be able to indulge yourself with red or white wine out of the tap. The boutique hotel that we have stayed in did not have unlimited wine from the tap. Looking at the photos at the Museum Hotel, it does not look like a friendly place for the family but can be great fun for a couple to fully enjoy themselves.

Infamous Cappadocia cave winery
Try not to walk between Cappadocia cave hotels at night as you may end up in trouble

When we have arrived at the Cappadocia cave hotel. We have been greeted immediately by the friendly staff who have shown us around. Luckily the restaurant was still open and have enjoyed nice quick local Turkish meals. The warm meals are always great to have after the long day and a trip. The whole hotel was built in an ancient European castle style with a labyrinth like walkways and the rooms that have stretched across four floors. Our family room was at the bottom part of the hotel that have faced the Museum Hotel in Cappadocia. At night it truly looked like staring at the Disney Land Cappadocia Cave style. Although, wifey had a wonderful idea of walking across in the dark, I have highly recommended to stay away. In the morning when we saw big drops between hotels, my gut feel was right.

Cappadocia Cave city
If you are not fit, don’t try to walk around Cappadocia Cave city

Besides singular based Cappadocia cave hotels, there are a number of Cappadocia cave cities. We’ve been lucky to be able to get to one of those ancient cities and browse through various floors. Be aware that if you do have problems with your lungs or heart, it is highly recommended not to go to these cities. The Cappadocia cave cities have various levels of steps and elevations which is truly a great exercise but not for faint hearted. We have been browsing through the various levels of the cave city and by the end of the tour my wife and I were sweating while the kids enjoyed it more like a walk in the park.

Cappadocia cave city
3 bedroom complex in Cappadocia Cave City
What does the Cappadocia cave city looks like from the inside?

This is a brief on what the actual city of Cappadocia looks like. The actual land around the city is fairly flat and you can see it miles ahead of yourself of what is happening around. However, when you start driving around, you will start to realize that there are hot spots of Cappadocia caves. The mesmerizing feeling is how the people used to live in all of those Cappadocia caves and most amazing infrastructure is how they managed to build the cities. Our tour guide was a local Professor from the University and have told us amazing stories that at some point of time in history all of those cities were actually interconnected via tunnels which the tourists are not allowed to get into.

On the way to Cappadocia caves
Cappadocia city Labyrinth
The lifestyle of the Ancient Cappadocia cave people

Besides staying at the Cappadocia cave hotel, we have also enjoyed the Cappadocia cave winery and Cappadocia cave city. As you have probably gathered so far that majority of the business and tourism is built around the caves. Our guide has taken us through the ancient Cappadocia cave city where the early day Christians while being persecuted by the Romans have hidden at the caves and thereafter built their city. They have apparently lived in the city until 1980s. They were only removed by the government from the site due to the danger to the health that the area has created. At the top of the caves there are small holes. These holes were created for the pigeons. Pigeons were the main treasure of the local tribe as it has provided a number of benefits. The main benefit of keeping the pigeons was for creating natural fertilizers and walking through the city, can see all of the fruit and olive trees that have once flourished it around the place. Their main points of trade were also Olive oil and dry fruits.

The top of the Cappadocia cave hotel

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