Gelidonya Lighthouse: Why is it Antalya’s Best Hidden Gem?

What you will not find much information on, is the Gelidonya Lighthouse (Feneri). We've had an amazing opportunity of checking the place out and performing our traditional dance.
Where is Gelidonya Lighthouse (Gelidonya Feneri Nerede?)

The Gelidonya Lighthouse, also known as Kemer lighthouse or Gelidonya Feneri, is located on the southwestern coast of the province of Antalya and it is one of the most beautiful lighthouses in Turkey. It was constructed in 1876 and it is a good example of Victorian Gothic architecture. The lighthouse has been abandoned since 1978, it went through the restoration and reopened to the public since 2019.

Walking around Gelidonya Feneri
Introduction to Gelidonya Lighthouse (Gelidonya Feneri)

Gelidonya Lighthouse is one of the hidden gems for people that live in Antalya. Most of the places that are advertised aiming at either commercial entertainment. The commercial entertainment would be visiting local producers and sellers of various products and services. The other common visits aiming at Ancient Greek and Roman Cities. However, Gelidonya lighthouse is definitely worth a visit, but be aware of a few things. First of all, you need to have medium level of fitness. This means that you should be able to go up the 2 km hill fairly easily. The walk itself to the Gelidonya lighthouse is 2 km, however, elevation is around 500 meters. Best time of the year to visit is around the beginning of spring. Even then we have faced the heat that went through between trees.

On the way to Gelidonya Lighthouse
Flora and Fauna at the Gelidonya Lighthouse
Just for fun, what is a lighthouse?

Lighthouses are towers, buildings, or other kinds of physically discernible structures that can brighten their surroundings and beacon for navigational aid. Lighthouses can illuminate dangerous coasts, hazardous shoals, reefs, rocks, and entrances to harbors; they also aid in air navigation. Interesting sources on the internet referring to the Gelidonya Lighthouse with various dates of when it was built. However, it could be certain that the bay itself holds many of the historical sunken ships that would be great to dive and explore during the warmer season. Therefore, hiking/trekking around Gelidonya Lighthouse is best to do during the spring/autumn seasons. While diving could be done at any time that weather permits.

Views from the Gelidonya Lighthouse

What you need to know before going to Gelidonya Lighthouse?

In comparison to many of the other trekking/hiking places, Gelidonya Lighthouse lacks of the basic infrastructure such as the public toilets, cafes etc. Therefore when you do decide to take this road be aware of carrying with you plenty of water, food and tissues (napkins). If you are looking at sleeping there or taking a nap, bring a tent or something nice to lie on as yet again no accommodation could be found for miles. No fires are allowed in the national parks and Gelidonya is no exception. Make sure that your phone or other devices are charged or have a power bank with you as you will not be able to charge it anywhere near the “civilisation”. Lastly, hats, proper walking shoes, sunglasses and sunscreens is a must in this area at any point of time.

Gelidonya Lighthouse views
You can get to Gelidonya Lighthouse by private car or commercial bus

Since I am not affiliated with any of the tour agencies I cannot directly recommend you anyone. Be aware of the various offerings and what they can do for you. You can easily hire a vehicle and travel by yourself out of Antalya. The trip is around an hour and a half. For us we took a trip with a wider group of 30 people on a bus. It is always great fun having people around you. We have performed our usual crazy dance moves on top of the hill by the Gelidonya Lighthouse. If you want to make quick friends, then check my this list on the local groups that I am part of.

Gelidonya Lighthouse views
Gelidonya Lighthouse Dance
Gelidonya Lighthouse views

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