Goynuk – A Jaw-Dropping Canyon Adventure in Kemer, Antalya

narrow walk pathway to Goynuk Canyon
A brief overview of what to do in Antalya terrain including the Goynuk Canyon

Side, Tazi Canyon, and Gelidonya Lighthouse are a few of the many wildlife habitats on the Antalya terrain. Being situated close to the city, it’s a popular destination for boating tours, hiking, and canyoning. Goynuk canyon is ideal for novices and adventurers of all experience levels, and its glorious natural views make it a favorite destination for tourists.

Here you can find all the information you need for a trip to Goynuk Canyon in Antalya. You’ll learn all you need to know about your itinerary, including the weather, attractions in the region, info on entrance fees, and how to travel to Goynuk.

summer camp at the Goynuk Canyon
Goynuk Canyon Pathway
Besides Hiking, what are the other available activities in Goynuk Canyon?

Of all the adventure parks in the country, Goynuk Canyon will appear the most impressive in love with its incomparable landscape. Composed of enormous waterfalls, Goynuk Canyon offers canyoning safari tours and thrilling rafting. The park additionally hosts a number of guided tours for canyoning adventures. If you would like to take the guided tours, try your skills in paintball or have fun exploring the area on the zipline, you can always ask the friendly staff who are more than happy to help out with those queries. Lastly the walk is about 3 km up and down the hill. You would need to have good shoes with grips on.

crystal clear water in Goynuk Canyon
beautiful scenery at Goynuk Canyon
what to expect during the hiking?

Along the gravel path, a hike leads to a mountain canyon. The sound of the backup river will keep you comfortable as you listen to the rustling of the mountain forests, and the brook’s gentle murmur. You might encounter salamanders here who could help you through the hike. Occasionally, you may encounter groups of hikers who have hiked the Lycian Way along the mountain.

pure water in Goynuk Canyon

After getting about one kilometer in distance, you will reach the highest point and one of the most beautiful viewpoints found at Goynuk Hiking Trail. View it there is a large wooden fountain in front, from which draws fresh springs. The bench right in front is a good place for a rest with a breathtaking view of the river below. Next, there is a 2-kilometer trek on a fairly steep slope.

funny built bridge at Goynuk Canyon

Next, there is a 2.5-mile hiking path that’s very steep and full of challenging terrain. Because of this, the hiking trail ends at a local cabin that’s overlooked by a lake. With the help of hiking tours and appropriate equipment, the canyon itself can then be approached from the nearby trailhead.

Now all hikers taking a well-deserved break can Look forward to a refreshing dip in the lake. The crystal-clear, ice-cold water along is a welcome refreshment on hot days. Beverages and snack foods are available for sale at the cabin throughout the season.

beautiful river in Goynuk Canyon
The weather and the expectations

When we have travelled it was the winter season. The number of hikers were significantly reduced. There was a lot of snow all around the hills and the trail itself. The water was cold but not for us as we have tried jumping into it briefly. Highly recommended to bring your togs and spare clothes when you come over here to Goynuk Canyon. The most beautiful part of the canyon we have unfortunately missed out on as the lake was far too strong to walk across it. Therefore, recommendation is to travel during the spring or autumn times when you can enjoy the full experience that the Goynuk canyon can provide.

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