How do we actually see the world today? – social media impact

How does Facebook and other social media our lives today?

What was the world before the almighty google or social media?

I remember during my childhood or the teenage days that we were always out and about and have been always forced to get home to have lunch or dinner rather than playing around with the friends outside.

During the childhood, especially through the war, we were not allowed to go out as much as we wanted it and the murky memories of those days still comes time to time, knocking on the neighbours walls or climbing the walls just not get under the random fire that may or may not occur on the streets if you use normal doors to go out.

When the civil war stopped and the life has come back somewhat to whatever the new norms of normal, all the kids were always out on the street and tried to get as much fun as possible. We used to come up with all sort entertainment for ourselves from homebuilt gym through to the obstacle courses and constant use of skills and fantasies. We did not have the benefits of parks, cafes, playgrounds, absolutely everything was destroyed.

What do we have today? Access to a lot of data and informational diarrhea that is pushed into our throats which we feed ourselves on a daily basis, then liking it, sharing and discussing with our friends and family of who ate what and what happened where.

After the horrible events in March 2019 in New Zealand, I have stopped checking garbage on FB and other social media, as my media all of a sudden just got overwhelmed with a lot of dark information and what annoyed me the most that the use of the words for the particular one, if it was done by someone else, surely would have been called far more worst words. So I become a silent observer, and the moment you stop those likes, shares and other social media forced activities you start to feel “the freedom” in some sort of way.

I’ve been asked in private chats and via emails by “friends” what happened to me and why I am not as “social” as I used to be, and they don’t understand the feeling of being free from the chains of the media while not sharing the garbage – you become social outcast.

However, I also love the technology and embrace the new way of living so for the past year have been learning extensively various options on how to make, edit and promote videos online.

What happened this morning is I’ve been pulled by “FB community standards” for promoting spam or encouraging fakes. This is a bit funny coming from them as the SEO that they are using is to show the people what they search for, meaning that if someone searched for garbage information before it will be fed all the way through as it is good for business.

My post was with the specific question in the specific private group about the specific part of the video promotion product that I am part of, in no way there was a question of liking, commenting, repeating, getting likes, shares or etc but a simple question of,

“I got this message from this company that I am part of the private group, has anyone used it before” – this is apparently a breach of the community standards according to its own AI of guidance.

The point of the story here that when we did not have social media we were a bit more real and it was decided by the friends and community that you were playing, communicating and chatting with of what was acceptable or not, where, today we live by the standards of the AI community set by the social media standards, telling us what is acceptable and what is not, whether the AI has actually read your question or not. Can AI really replace human judgement of what is right and what is wrong??

We are being part of the artificial lifestyle that develops a lot more insecurities within us and explores those dark moments whether it is feeling depression or reminiscence of the old past or the rule of the jungle.

In our private life, what we try to limit is the exposure to the social online interaction for our kids and encourage the play with the toys, real friends and open communication and learning, so it would be interesting to see when they grow up and what the world will look like at that time of, “the generation of narcissistic idols that are looking for those fake likes, comments and promotion of the videos” – which are not the breach of the community standards of being fake to begin with.

Whatever the future holds it wont be pretty that is to say the least if our choices and understanding of the world is driven by what the best SEO of the day will tell us what it is…

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