How does this all relate to business?

What is the biggest finance lesson you can learn?

I have not really been promoting my blogging actively anywhere, so if you, Dear Reader, have accidentally stumbled across my thoughts, and thought to yourself, but wait, you have stated that the interests are in business, business networking and the articles that you are pushing out are not related?

Well, this is where I wanted to disappoint you, they are all directly related to the finances, coming from the finance background, I have learnt biggest lesson, everything starts and ends with money. Does not matter where and what industry you will look at everything is about money…

Starting from my first rant, social media impact

  • currently social media makes the most money in the world, the tax and company structure is so complicated that no one really knows the real income that they have, try googling, google’s income (google is the biggest social media trend setter)
  • the heavy investments in AI technology and creation of the new “ad” tools to reach your customers is also all about money
  • what we used to have an elite of celebrities popping out of Hollywood, now we have, TikTokers, Youtubers, Instagrammers you name it, and some of them making tens of million of dollars per week, per month
  • its 50 times quicker and easier to publish your “creative” content then making a movie, just in comparison that if hollywood would produce 800 movies p.a., youtube produce the same amount in a second

Buying yourself a Wife

  • it shows the power of money, that people are now at the spoilt stage of where they can afford owning a slave
  • you can basically avoid any sort of potential problems by just opening the wallet, the governments know that, the agencies know that, but no one cares
  • if you dont like the “wife” you’ve got, no problem, there is no warranty but can still return or replace, how great would that feel?
  • the moment the villagers are empowered by money themselves this would stop


  • its all about the money, staying home, not paying taxes, shutting businesses, destroying lives, marriages, office spaces, you name it, everything has been affected by the virus
  • rubber gloves, masks, sanitizers etc – are the biggest winners – lets not forget about the toilet roll producers !!!

Although I have just got into the writing and this is part of my learning journey the 3 topics above are all about starting about the money and finishing, does not matter from which angle or problem you will find there is always one answer, is the money! what did we do without money ? what are we going to do with money? how do we actually see the world today?

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