How to buy yourself a wife in 2021?

The shocking story of a modern day slavery

We are constantly told that we live in the 22nd Century and any type of slavery has been abolished hundreds of years ago, but is this really true and why this is one of those controversial topics that we do not hear out and loud? where are the Human rights? Protectionism?

What has caught my attention a few hours ago is a post by a person with the screenshot from his whats app that read, “hi there, there are available options to purchase a wife for $6000. But the person is from Thailand so her language abilities are limited to the local. The age starts from 15 and above. If you are interested text back”

His question to the wider, public group, was, “how legitimate is this offer as I have read that there are options like this to purchase wife from Asia?”

Most bewildering part to me that there is no question of, “WTF?” a 15 years old is still a child, and this is a crime! you cannot just buy another person or so we are told! there are so many criminal charges that are pending, but the worst part, is that there are questions like, “is this legitimate offer?” that got me the most

I started to do my own research and searching the internet and there are a few offers that are sitting online and the stories of the “successful” purchasers stating how great it is to buy a wife as she does not scold you, does not argue with you, the property is always clean, the food is always ready on the table and she is always available in the bed.

Since the purchased wife is so well behaved and does not ask for presents and has no other expectations then there is a “monthly pocket money” and in some cases they were referring to as $500 p.m. that they give to their wives.

$500 for some people maybe nothing to be able to afford to give it to their wives “as a pocket money on a monthly basis” but for a lot of countries that could mean feeding whole village and unfortunately this puts the parents to sell their kids into a modern day slavery to be able to survive.

How do we see the world today? In our modern, advanced society, it is apparently ok to purchase a slave, call it a wife and live happily ever after. What does it mean to the growth and future of the society? What happens when those villages will become a bit more modern and start to have more money and protect their children from those that abuse them right at this moment?

Is this the society that we want to live in? Allowing people to trade people for pieces of paper to be able to feed their families in return for housework/chores and becoming a product of abuse? Do we applaud those that are boasting about how it is fantastic to have a wife with no arguments? is this what the meaning of having that relationship supposed to be?

There are no right or wrong answers to these questions, as just by us expressing our opinions wont stop the trade of slaves, wont stop the separation and break up of families, it wont stop any of it until the villagers are actually left alone and “modern” society implying on to them that they need to urbanize themselves. According to Darwin, we went through the evolution of growth, from Monkeys to Modern Day Monkeys, and in between, we have all lived in Villages, so why do we impose our way of living to those that could have been happier living on their own if we don’t disturb them? Maybe only then we will stop the slavery and those that feeling the right to own a slave and calling it a wife will become a bit more of a men and conquer the heart of the lady without being scared of facing what true matrimonial relationship should be!

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