Japanese men: The perverts or the social degradation

The ugly truth of what is actually is causing by the Japanese men

For those that are aware about a bit more about Japan than just the travel logs and blogs would have heard the word, “chikan” its basically a man that constantly molests women in any of the forms from showing off his body parts through to touching and harassing women in public places from the street walks through to train stations.

It has become such an issue at the train stations that the municipality have introduced the carriages for women only to discourage the chikans from doing what they are doing.

The two stories that I have come across a few days ago discussed that school teacher and an engineer and their brief adventures.

In the case of the school teacher, he has went through the length of putting up the make up, the wig and pretending to be the woman in order to attend the local spa that is only made for women. The disguise on the outside was apparently so good that he was able to get through to the middle of the spa where the females were present. But what he did not think through is there is a little part that gave away that he was a male and was quickly identified pulled to the side until the arrival of the police.

The worst part of the story goes by that he was a teacher in the local school and at the time when he entered were his female students from the school that he was teaching at. Besides entering female bath place as a male he would probably be also charged with far worst criminal charges due to the point of under age kids present at that time.

The second story of an engineer is based on the fact that he was randomly stopping females at the train station and asking them to rate his genitals from 1-10. It is unknown what the criteria was but the first female got the equivalent of $50 while the second one got the $30. The internet trolls have of course had to question whether the payment was based on the outcome of the rating.

Latter participant happened to be a 17 years old school girl who went straight to the police station at the train station and have reported the molester who have been quickly apprehended and arrested. This hero would probably face similar charges to the teacher due to the involvement of the underage person.

This article is not the judgement of their actions but mainly looking at the society as a whole, one of the biggest issues that the Japan is facing is social degradation, the influx of J-pop idols, the excessive access to the erotic industry, the acceptability of the bars where you can sit down and have a conversation for money with the women to make you feel like a man, the abundance of the fantasy world.

During the day the workers are feeling a lot of pressure from performing their jobs to the perfection, the underpayments and overworked hours + the above described fantasies are all coming into the point of desperation. Desperate men just want an understanding and the love but given that they have probably watched unrealistic videos from the JAV (Japanese porn) they think it is absolutely normal to shine their thingies in public, or that molesting women will give them the relationship or sexual intercourse at the end as it is perceived through movies.

The other side of the coin that the people in Japan is facing they do not know how to hold a conversation, it is hard for a stranger to come and say hi, they will always wait for someone to take the first step to do this but wont have the guts of taking the first step themselves.

What is sad that the nation once known for the noble samurais and pretty life is turning into the degraded societal garbage bin where the more corporations make money from the exploration of the sexual desires and the unrealistic expectations of the relationship, the worst the situation it will get…

There is only a hope that it is at some point that there would be someone that will look into changing the world by asking one person at the time to become better of themselves, as usual, we become what we feed our brains with, and unfortunately that those that feed their brains with garbage start to believe that this is an acceptable reality that cannot live without…

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