Olympus secret: Discover what makes Olympus place so special

Since I am not a travel blogger, I am just sharing with you what I have seen in the Ancient City of Olympus and hope you will enjoy

Olympus is an ancient city located in the Antalya province of Turkey. It was founded by Myrcus in the 8th century BC and became a major port city. The city flourished in the Roman period, and acquired importance as a pilgrimage site due to its association with Zeus and Apollo. The city was sacked by the Arabs in the 7th century AD, but recovered and reached its peak under the Byzantine Empire. In 1204, it was conquered by Michael VIII Palaeologus, who made it his capital. The city declined in importance after the fall of Constantinople to Ottoman rule in 1453, but began to revive during the late Ottoman period due to its location on important trade routes. Today, Olympus is a popular tourist destination due to its rich history and natural attractions, including several UNESCO World Heritage Sites.

at the gates of an ancient city of Olympus

The gates of Olympus vs Olympus City

In the previous article we have discussed and looked at the gates of Olympus which was on the Mt Olympus in Antalya, Turkey. If you did not see it feel free to click on the link to see if for yourself or in the quick summary it is one of the destroyed Ancient cities which has a lot to offer from various perspectives whether you are an avid traveler, adventurer, historian or just a bored person that likes to stare at the stones. Also, it is important to mention that the gates of Olympus were mainly based within the number of passages protected by the hills and narrow passages where the Olympus city is mainly sitting in the open plain land with the direct access from the Mediterranean sea.

Entry to Olympus city from the Sea
Olympus real estate
What you will see when you have arrived in the ancient city of Olympus?

Upon arrival at the entry point will be greeted by a number of the local bars and cafes but since we have walked around during the winter season 90% of the places were just literally shut. This is the amusing part of the journey where you will walk in the ancient ruins, where thousands of years ago various types of people have passed by to get their business done. On the right side its the big hill with necropolis on top of the hill and on the other side modern day bars. Interestingly enough though, is seeing mandarins and other citrus fruit farms at the bottom of the necropolis, amongst the bars, alleys and everywhere around Antalya region.

Necropolis in the Ancient city of Olympus
Olympus city has two entrances

Olympus city has actually got two entrances and the one that we have arrived from, has a lot of bars, and walks as mentioned above. On the other side is coming the beach where you will end up seeing a gang of ducks that will follow you everywhere. Either of the sides have a gate to Olympus with various people sitting there in their respective uniforms. These people are either guards or city council employees. It could easily be seen who they belong to by their uniforms. The entry to the Ancient city of Olympus was 60 lira per adult or 50 per child. Unless you have a museum card which allows you to enter it for free.

An Orange farm in the city of Olympus
Olympus Duck Gang
Megabuildings of the Ancient Olympus City

Once you enter the “bar” side, you will end up in the history straight away by looking at the large stones dispersed absolutely everywhere. In comparison to many of the other ancient ruins that we have seen so far, it could be stated that by its structure its the most exciting one. Along the walk side can see ancient houses with its own streets and moving straight into the large bath houses, ancient temples, churches/cathedrals but the mesmerizing and breath taking point is seeing the mega large doors. I was constantly wondered why the ancient people needed such enormous doors that are over 15 meters in height and over 3 meters in width while the rest of the components of the buildings are either have been modified or look bizarrely skewed.

Episkopeian finding in Olympus
Olympus City UNESCO heritage
Olympus city entry from the sea

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