“The Land of Legends is Europe’s Largest Theme Park!”

entry to the Land of Legends
The Land of Legends is Europe’s largest theme park

The Land of Legends, located in the Belek, Antalya, is Europe’s largest theme park. The park covers an area of over 240 acres and contains more than 40 attractions. The park is home to some of the world’s most awe-inspiring rides, including the ride, which takes riders on a breathtaking journey through the sky. The Land of Legends also features a variety of shops and restaurants, as well as interactive exhibits that children will love. Whether you’re looking for a family-friendly day out or an adrenaline-pumping adventure, The Land of Legends has something for everyone.

the shopping alley at the Land of Legends
The Trip to the Land of Legends

If you have been following my blog, by now you would know that we are usually travelling via transfer with bunch of random people. This time we have taken an opportunity to travel with another group of people, the cost of a transfer from Liman in Antalya costed us 150 lira per adult and 120 lira per child. There were two separate buses picking and stopping at various locations in Antalya. Since our starting point is Dostluk Parkı in Liman, Antalya, the trip to the Land of Legends was rather long. Given that the current time is getting warmer, the inside of the bus was super hot. Therefore, you are getting a benefit of travelling in a sauna as well meeting new people. In this trip we have not made new friends and mainly enjoyed discovering the places on our own.

the entry to the Land of Legends in Antalya
What is the history of the Land of Legends?

The benefits of the internet you can find many things but at the same time the negative side is based on the purchases and sales. When we go and travel somewhere we try finding out on the facts and arguments of a place, in the case of the Land of Legends we have faced some difficulties. Given that this place is built for entertainment, trying to find further information on the history was kind of difficult. However, the great researching skills have come to fruition and got some answers. Rixxor hotel group has combined its efforts with a number of other companies with the whole vision of bringing over 3 billion tourists to Antalya. It does not say where they are going to get so many visitors but the spent of over 4.6 billion lira in 2014 was a big chunk of money. According to then CEO of Rixxor hotel group they had faced some financial difficulties and wanted to stamp themselves in to the world of Luxury travel and theme parks.

the castle at the land of Legends in Antalya
Rixxor hotel group in Antalya

Rixxor hotel group is part of the Accor group. They have the style of the luxury beings with offering of over 1100 beds at the Land of Legends. The whole structure is done in the style of the Roman with the clear views with references to its glorious past. On top of the building can be seen a statue riding horses, probable reference to the Apollo the god of Sun. At the same time across the theme park can be seen references to the Poseidon and given that the main theme of the park is built around the water it makes perfect sense of why they have done this way. The size of the Rixxor hotel is absolutely huge and takes a few minutes in a car to drive past it. Inside the hotel is as impressive as the whole park itself. They did not spare any coins on building either the hotel or the Land of Legends Park.

gigantic Rixxor hotel in the land of Legends
Luxury at every corner at the Land of Legends

Rixxor group has chosen Belek part of Antalya just over 8 years ago as there was nothing built in there and therefore the investment was definitely worth it. At the time when they conceived an idea of building the theme park, they chose Belek due to its close proximity to Antalya which is known for the tourism and various ancient attractions. As mentioned earlier the group didn’t spare any coins on building the place and it looks very luxurious. Upon entering the park, you will be surrounded by the known local brands but the way they are presenting the items are definitely of the higher quality in comparison to what we have seen in the malls or shopping districts. The food that is available is available at any corner but be aware that the prices are not as friendly as what you have enjoyed in the city. The food court is somewhat close to the city prices as well as the local market is friendlier at costs. However, the moment you progress further and closer you get to the Land of Legends park entrance you will face the horrendous price range of a luxurious places that you probably have seen before. A cup of coffee for example jumps from under $1 all the way to $20.

luxurious Rixxor hotel at the land of legends
night light & laser shows at the land of legends

similarly to the Disneyland, the Land of Legends hosts its own “carnival”. Every couple of nights (Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday) the park hosts a water show that is surrounded by the magic of the singing fountain as well as the story of the voyagers seeking some stuff around. The show is free so you are welcome to just turn up and enjoy it. At the time when we came over, the show was cancelled as it was straight after the children’s day and apparently the entertainers were too tired. However, we have attended it again and the information on the actual show can be found here.

luxurious shops in the land of legends
The place is definitely worth visiting

The Rixxor hotel group has created not just a theme parks in the land of legends but a whole new experience. To those that have seen Disney parks can say that the format is not as grand but for little kids to see the light show is definitely worth the attendance. Also, it could be added in for a free show and entertainment for a few hours is definitely a way to spend the evening. Just one biggest point to be aware of that the show is actually starting at 10 p.m. and goes for an hour and a half, meaning that if your kids are little they maybe way too tired for it but the imagination will stay with them forever.

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