The land of legends – must see light & thunder show

the end of the light show at the land of legends park
the night at the land of legends

This is the story of trying to see and watch the light and laser show at the land of legends. Three weeks ago we have found out about this fantastic deal of going to the light show and the story of what happened you can find it here. After two subsequent hurdles we have finally managed to get to the show. It was all worth it at the end. Upon arrival we have already been aware of where to go and what to do. Nevertheless, we were advised that the show time has moved from 9 p.m. to 10 p.m. This meant that we needed to entertain ourselves for an extra hour. In comparison to the previous trip, we arrived at the theme park fairly quickly (45 min vs 2 hours drive). This time we were shocked by the amount of people that were actually present.

ballet dancers at the land of legends light show
the voyager story at the land of legends

Since there is a water canal that goes all around the land of legends park. The story is based on the voyagers or fisherman that are looking for something. It was not too clear what exactly that they were looking for, probably a treasure as they were holding a golden map. This was an exciting moment to see a gondola coming over with two guys carrying a large fake fish. Providing an entertainment for about 15-25 minutes to the people that were sitting. Without a doubt, the expectation was that the second gondola will turn up on our side. To show us the same or similar things that were observing from the other side of the shore.

the pinnacle of the show at the land of legends
Masha and the Bear at the Land of Legends

Masha and the Bear is the cartoon created by the Russian animation studio which has swept over the world. Its one of the biggest known cartoon series that has been translated in over 100 languages. Which makes them recognizable characters that are on the par with the infamous Disney characters. Hence, it was no a surprise at all to see quickly the beloved by many kids the characters of Masha and the Bear trending along the lines on their own gondola. It was yet again an expectation that the gondola will do a full turn and greet all of the kids that sat across many different areas. However, we did not get a chance to have a visit by the Masha and the Bear who have disappeared into the night.

the dancers in red at the land of legends
the storyline at the land of legends

After Masha and the Bear alongside the voyagers that left the premises the actual show has started. It was divided into three parts
1. Water show with music and various movements around
2. the light show that was presenting a story line on the walls
3. the entrance of the various characters on the gondolas and going around in a cirle

This is by far was the most entertaining part of the show as the kids as well as the adults were all impressed by the actual fountain presentation. We have seen the dancing fountain in Kuala Lumpur Pavilion as well as the fountains by the same naming right in Dubai. In either of the places in KL or the Dubai the show would go for a short period of time whether it is 1 or 3 songs long while the spectacular performance at the Land of Legends has lasted for at least 20-30 minutes. This was amazing from the combination perspective of the senses of light, imagination etc that has come all through together.

the grand Rixxor hotel at the land of legends
the Rixxor hotel impact on the performance at the land of legends

Beyond the dreams and the imagination is the infrastructure of the castle, the Rixxor hotel and the water waves that have surrounded the area that has giving this show an extra edge. When the main performances of the moving on the water and the introduction of the various characters have finished, the next stage was taken back by the voyagers. The voyagers have moved back or paddled back from the main fountain area back to where the Rixxor hotel stands. The impressive lights have over shown over the performance that was coming out of the hotel and the castle itself. The whole area was filled with the bubbles, the lights coming from all sides as well as the all of the participants trying to catch a quick glimpse of what was going on.

felt like a blue moon situation at the land of legends

The light show at the land of Legends is unique to its own accord. It cannot be compared to the Disney carnival nor can it be similar to the dancing fountains in Malaysia or UAE.

the beginning of the show at the land of legends

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