Firuz Alimov after the marathon run
A list of Antalya Groups

I have put a list of the prominent groups in Antalya that maybe useful to you how it is to me, click here to check it out

Yuko Oshiro is walking around the Aquarium in Antalya
Antalya Aquarium Services

What else can you do when checking out Antalya Aquarium? What to see and to expect? Come here for further info

Phalesis in all its beauty

Where is Phalesis? What to do in Phalesis? Can you actually find it yourself?

the left over of the stones from the termessos amphiteater
Ancient city of Termessos

Do you know what happened here in Termessos? Do you want to jump into its brief history? then check my quick review here.

Gelidonya Feneri nerede
Gelidonya Feneri

Discover the hidden gem of Gelidonya. What to expect when you expecting to go on hiking into this hidden gem.

olympus city and its left over aqueduct
Ancient city of Olympus

What does the city of Olympus has? What else do you need to be aware of? If you want to know more, click here

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