The gates of Olympus is the place to be

We have visited the Olympus city and the gates of Olympus is just an incredible reminiscence of the glory of the ancient city while everyone knows the stories from the Greek side of Olympus, no one has ever heard the story of the Olympus in Turkey

The fascinating part of the gates of Olympus is based on the tale of the two separate places, there is a very well known documented the Mt Olympus. This mount Olympus from the Greek myths is the home to the ancient Greek Gods. Little did I know, the Turkey has its own Mt Olympus and the Olympus city. Below is the short video that I took at the gates of Olympus city in Turkey.

the gates of Olympus
Can you believe that we have two mount Olympus?

Coincidentally both of the Olympus places in Greece and Turkey are part of their relevant national parks. The national park of Olympus in Greece consists of the archaeological, historical sites for its historical character. There is no point of boring you, the reader, with the information from the internet and its history. The Turkish national park of Olympus sits within Antalya region which is known in Turkish language as “Beydağları Sahil Milli Parkı“. Also, Mt Olympus in Turkish is “Tahtalı Dağı” which is the Timber mountain as a direct translation. The national park of Olympus in Antalya is also known for its historical, character and archaeological sites. Yet, while I lived outside of the region I’ve only heard of the Greek stories but nothing from the Turkish side. Both places back in days were part of the same empires, yet unfairly presented today.

the ruins of the Olympus city
Necropolis and the gates of Olympus

When you just arrive at the Olympus city, you will be greeted by the ancient necropolis at the bottom of the hill on the left side and the gates of the Olympus to the right side. One of the most amazing sites that I have seen to date. Everything is just in rubbles besides the gigantic doors. The gates of Olympus have given me the chills of entering into another realm and when you are standing at the bottom of the gates and looking up on it, you could just imagine the size of the building that does not exist today. When you climb up towards it, this is the place for instagramers to debut their insta-skills.

the Map of the Olympus city
The entry to the Olympus city via narrow path did not save them from the Romans

Just like in the Ancient city of Phalesis, Olympus city has an amphitheater. This theater in its share size way bigger than other cities and it was known as a place to be for the large celebrations. Turkish people that have travelled with us, stated that the city was built on top of the mountain for a purpose. The purpose is to be able to protect itself while being self sustaining. The walk path to the top of the mountain is very narrow meaning that the large armies would have found hard going in their usual structures. However, even with this set up Romans have managed to over take the city. Which proves the Roman ingenuity when it came to war tactics.

the entry to the amphitheater in Olympus city
the share size of the ancient theater in Olympus
The size and infrastructure of the Olympus city is to be admired by modern architects

We’ve had an opportunity to be part of the history and climbing around the theater. When I got to the top which by my modern standards can be considered as a three story building, I saw the never ending walls. The walls have continued across the horizon that you can barely see due to the ingrown trees. The estimated size of the Olympus city is magnificently huge even today we would not be able to develop such an infrastructure carved out of the stone.

never ending walls of Olympus
Shopping district in the Olympus city
The gates of Olympus in Turkey may transfer you to the Mt Olympus in Greece

We started by discussing the two Olympus mountains and the gates of Olympus. However, since I have not visited Mt Olympus in Greece it would be unfair to comment. Hence, its best to stick to what I have seen. What I’ve seen in the Olympus city is a marvel in its own way. Two parts of the city that is still unknown, is the canalization and the transfer of drinkable water. Although there are still ruins of the baths, shopping district and other large constructions, there is no evidence for the points mentioned and still wonder where they went and what they did. There are some components of the ancient river flows at the bottom of the city but it would make no sense to being self sustaining while being besieged. The last video shows the construct of the wells across the whole city but the question of the canalization is still unanswered.

The supposed to be water storages at the city of Olympus
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